ICLEI Spoke at the International Symposium: Communications for Healthy and Safe Cities

ICLEI East Asia Secretariat Regional Director and ICLEI’s China Representative Shu Zhu was invited to speak on air pollution management in the East Asia region at the International Symposium: Communications for Healthy and Safe Cities held on 7 October in Seoul, South Korea.

Gathering around 300 participants and 11 experts from South Korea, China and Japan, the symposium was organized jointly by the Research Institute on Public Health and Environment (SIHE), Seoul Metropolitan Government and eight other organizations including ICLEI East Asia Secretariat. The event was part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of SIHE.

Covering a wide array of topics related to public health, the symposium provided knowledge on the current state and development of public and environmental health in the East Asia region, including the response to infectious disease, management on food safety, water and air pollution, as well as the rehabilitation and restoration of river ecosystem to improve urban environment.

As the world’s leading cities network dedicated to sustainable development, ICLEI shared its experience and knowledge on managing air pollution at the local and regional levels. Due to the transboundary nature of the air quality issue, Shu particularly emphasized the importance of regional cooperation. He also gave a general introduction to ICLEI’s work in the region, and its new East Asia Clean Air Cities initiative to be launched shortly.

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